(Babka’s recipe)

Ingredients:Slovak Fanky

  • 4 C. Sifted Flour
  • 4 Egg Yolks
  • ¾ C. Sour Cream
  • Salt


  1. Mix. Knead. Roll out thin.
  2. Cut into diamonds with center slit.
  3. Fry in deep oil. [Drain on paper. Add powdered sugar when cool.]

(Remarks within the [ ] are mine to aid the reader)


Beginning this blog…

Laurene and day of the dead altar 2010

Laurene & Mexican day of the dead altar

I’ve long wanted to have a venue where I could share some of my recipes and other ideas online. Now, thanks to the help and encouragement of my nephew, Lorenzo (a web designer), this is happening. It started off with a family group page (Vavrus Family) on Facebook where I hoped to create a forum for our family to check in periodically and keep up with the lives of our (mostly) cousins, and perhaps their children as well. None of us are getting any younger and much of our parents’ Slovak culture may be lost as they age and pass on. We should preserve these precious memories.

A recent trip to Southern California afforded me a glimpse into my Aunt Katy’s 1947 cookbook that included recipes written in her own hand and most certainly dictated to her by her mother (our Grandmother), Babka. I realized what an important historical document this was to our family and wrote down all the recipes I could find in it that came from growing up in Babka’s kitchen. Keep in mind that these recipes came over from the “Old Country” with Babka as a very young woman, early in the 20th Century, and reflect an old way of cooking that may no longer be currently found in modern Slovakian kitchens. I then began researching other Slovak sources of recipes on the Internet to add to this collection. I have added some of those as well and will clearly mark which recipes are Babka’s and which are from other sources.

Ideally, what I would like to see happen is for these recipes to jog our memories so that we might post a comment about a particular food that they remember eating at Babka’s house from their childhood, or perhaps another recipe of Babka’s that someone might have tucked away in their own collection of recipes. We could use this site as a repository of our family’s culinary history and wisdom. We all have wonderful memories of Babka. I think her Fánky recipe is probably the single most mentioned one when we talk about her food. Then come all the rest… Let’s start there.

P.S. – Although I am beginning with Slovak food, I have plans to branch out into other areas of ethnic recipes. I have thousands of recipes that I have collected over the years. I also reserve to the right to blog about other interests of mine that might come up along the way. In short, I’m not limiting myself in anyway here. The sky’s the limit. And if you would like to see something in a particular cuisine, please let me know. I’m currently discovering and exploring Korean foods. And boy, is it good!